A-Square Fight Club

We are Ann Arbor's original Boxing Club. We've been winning since 1978.

Training Champions

Reggie Rampage Harris

At A-Square Fight Club our focus is boxing - the art, the conditioning, the science; everything to get you ready to fight. We have members of all ages and all experience levels. If you want a great workout, come to the gym. If you want to get ready to compete, come to our gym. At A-Square Fight club, you will learn boxing fundamentals, get your body in great shape and grow into a competitive fighter.

Gym Hours

Monday: 530pm-7pm - Ages 8-13
Tuesday: 6pm-9pm for ages 14+
Wednesday: 6pm-9pm for ages 14+
Thursday: 6pm-9pm for ages 14+

Membership form must be completed prior to workout out.
Parental consent is required before minors can work out.
* Private lessons are scheduled around these open gym hours. Contact Chris for more information about private lessons at xa1cip2@gmail.com.

Contact Us

We are located at 3000 Packard Road Suite B, Ann Arbor Michigan 48108.
For information about the gym, gym hours, membership costs, contact Chris at xa1cip2@gmail.com or 419.450.0590 or Eric at asquarefightclub@gmail.com or 734.585.8823.

* Membership form must be completed prior to workout out.

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